News| April 27, 2022

EpoxySet To Showcase Biocompatible Adhesives At MD&M South

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Woonsocket, RI – EpoxySet Inc. will be featuring an expanded line of adhesives, sealing and encapsulating and coating materials certified for biocompatibility atMD&M South on June 14-16 at the Charlotteville Convention Center, Carlotte, NC, Booth 2126

This broad line of epoxies and urethanes are approved toISO-10993-5 and USP Class VI。这些都是广泛用于制造medical devices. Applications include sensors, PCBs, instruments, hearing aids, ultrasound probes, pacemakers, MRIs, endoscopes and catheter products. Most of these systems can withstand sterilization techniques such as autoclave, gamma radiation and EO sterilization.

This product line includes products that can withstand 300°C or be temperature cycled down to 4°K. Many biocompatible materials are optically clear and exhibit very high bond strength for structural requirements. Some chemistries can be cured at room temperature, heat or UV allowing for production flexibility.

EpoxySet is an innovative supplier of Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Thermal Greases and UV cure technologies. EpoxySet has been providing high performance, advanced polymers to medical and electronic device manufacturers since 1997, providing consistent quality products with superior technical support to meet the most demanding applications. Vast experience in creating custom formulations allows unique solutions quickly.

For further information,, call EpoxySet’s team of chemists and engineers at 001-401-726-4500 or email at